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Yorkshire Ghost Hunts – Abbey House Museum, Leeds, Yorkshire

Yorkshire Ghost HuntsAbbey House Museum is one of our premium Yorkshire Ghost Hunts and was originally constructed in the 12th Century to serve as a gatehouse for Kirkstall Abbey, the picturesque ruins of which stand nearby. When Abbey House was opened as a museum in 1927, it employed a live-in caretaker called Kate Hatfield and during the winter of 1929/30 she was regularly disturbed by the sound of a door on the first-floor opening and closing, followed by the swish of a cloak along the corridor.

The phenomena occurred regularly between midnight and 2am, even when the door was bolted shut. Then in 1944, Mrs. Hatfield’s niece and three of her friends reported seeing “a monk in a rough brown habit… (who) seemed to be very frightened”. The ghost was subsequently associated with John Ripley, the last Abbot of Kirkstall, who moved into Abbey House following the Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1539 and was later buried in its precincts.

Join our crew as we investigate the spooky claims of this location…

Bolling Hall, Bradford

Join UK Ghost Nights as we uncover the paranormal mysteries of Bolling Hall as one of our Yorkshire Ghost Hunts. It is one of the oldest buildings in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England dating back to 1086.

There have been regular reports of paranormal activity over the years from staff and guests at the Hall, with no fewer than 20 recorded sightings of full bodied apparitions. A child’s was captured by a tv crew rocking back and forth on its own .Throughout the building the opening and banging of doors is often heard, and usually in response to requests from investigators. People also often report hearing disembodied voices, footsteps, and heavy breathing from the end of corridors and empty rooms. There is also an apparition of a gentlemen in a long black coat and that if a white lady seen floating in mid air.

Are you brave enough to join us as we investigate this building overnight when the lights go out?

Leeds Industrial Museum

Join the UK Ghost Nights crew in Leeds at what was once the largest woollen mill in the world. A place that has seen many tragic accidents and deaths of all ages. It is thought that some of these poor souls still remain …… This is one of the most haunted places we have our Yorkshire Ghost Hunts!!

Leeds Industrial MuseumThe mill is also home to what can only be described as a Poltergeist, with reports from visitors and staff alike about being touched, sometimes forcibly shoved by unseen hands… This activity doesn’t seem to be caused by one spirit, as some of the activity is quite negative, such as the shoving or throwing objects across rooms, but rather by a group of spirits. People in tour groups often claim to feel pulling at the bottom of their coats, as if a small child were trying to get their attention.

Cardigan Arms Pub, Leeds

Join UK Ghost Nights as we explore the haunted depths of the Cardigan Arms Pub in Leeds. The Grade 2 listed building dates back to the 1800s and was developed in 1893. Previous ghost hunts have uncovered poltergeist activity, unexplained knocking and dragging sounds, shadow figures and disembodied voices…The original brew house and stables still adjoin the main pub and the pub has amazing Victorian features.

Cardigan Arms Pub, LeedsRegulars and staff report to poltergeist phenomena where coats fly off their hooks and the till is regularly opened by a previous landlord who never left. Our crew and guests have previously experienced coins being thrown, loud bangs, footsteps and sounds of children’s laughter.

Are you brave enough to undertake a lone vigil?

Will you meet the grey lady who has been seen by customers in the ladies toilets?

Leeds City Museum

Join UK Ghost Nights at Leeds City Museum for a late night ghost hunt. Dating back to the 1800s this building is the current home of the Leeds Mummy and museum staff have a few spooky tales to tell of the building.


Leeds City MuseumThe building dates back to the 1800s and was originally the home of the Leeds Mechanics Institute. Designed and built by the famous Leeds Architect Cuthbert Broderick and sits in the heart of Leeds City centre. This magnificent building has it’s very own Albert Hall which was used as a lecture theatre. The building has changed use over the years and was probably well known to most Leodians as the Civic Theatre up until 2008 when it was transformed in the Leeds City Museum. The museum has a fine selection of local artifacts and from around the world. With the most well known being the Leeds Mummy.

 Ghostly Goings On at Leeds City Museum

This magnificent building is steeped in history and it is not then surprising that there are spooky tales to be told. Staff and visitors to the building have reported hearing footsteps when the building is empty with doors opening and closing. A figure has been seen on the balcony of the Albert Hall and strange light anomalies have been observed by the naked eye. But perhaps the most intriguing story of all is the bare wet footprints that appeared without explanation close to the Leeds Mummy…………

Are you brave enough to join us or will you be running for your Mummy? Or will you last the night as we investigate the spooky happenings of Leeds City Museum?