The ancient City of York is famed for being one of (if not the) most haunted cities in Europe . York Guild Hall is one of York’s most historic and haunted locations, with its tales of ghostly black monks, dis-incarnate voices and shadowy figures. The York Guild Hall was built in the 15th century and served as a meeting place for the guilds of York. The Guildhall is a replica of the 15th century building, the original being destroyed by fire in an air raid in 1942. The ancient stone walls escaped total destruction and form the frame of the reconstructed hall. The stained-glass window depicts the history of York.

It has served many purposes and many important people such a King Richard lll (in 1483) have had cause to visit here.  However the York Guildhall is perhaps known better for its part in the trial of Margaret Clitheroe.  Margaret was arrested and tried for practising Catholicism and for harbouring Roman Catholic priests in 1586.  At her trial, she was found guilty, her punishment  was that she be crushed to death; a long and undeniably painful process, taking 15 minutes to kill her.  One of her arms stands the macabre test of time in the Chapel of the Bar convent.

The York Guild Hall was also the place where £200,000 was counted before being given to the Scots in payment for their part in helping Oliver Cromwell during the English Civil War.

In World War I there was great excitement in the area that the ghost of Guy Fawkes was haunting locally and in the Guildhall. Several people reported hearing footsteps and the sighting of a spectre that would brush past visitors.

There have been many more reports of paranormal activity at there, with perhaps the most bizarre being the discovery (by staff) of a child’s footprint on top of a grandfather clock. Footsteps, doors slamming, secret passages, whispered voices and dark shadows, all this and much more await those who dare to join us on this York Guild Hall ghost hunt. Join the UK Ghost Nights expert team of investigators and our resident medium as we uncover the centuries old mysteries of the York Guild Hall.