The World of the Paranormal

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What a mysterious place it is we put ourselves. Delving into the unexplained is a strange hobby. The paranormal investigator of today has so much to learn and to offer and even more so than any other person who would have just a passing interest in it. We put ourselves into situations that could hardly be called boring our mundane. We open ourselves to ignorance and ridicule from people who call us wannabe scientists. We take scorn at times from family and friends. But we continue on and dig deeper into a vast field of research that with each passing day grows more mysterious. It is these mysteries that has drawn us in the first place. The majority of people who go into this field only do so because they have watched all the usual TV shows. But the more serious investigator has the understanding and knowledge to have a more scientific approach. We invest our time – Money and dedication and we never stop. Are we any closer to finding the truth? The answers that have eluded mankind for centuries. Have you ever wondered if ghosts do exist? or perhaps you have already made up your mind. There is a lot of photographic/video and audio evidence on the internet claiming to have proof of them. For centuries man has been trying to answer this question. Religion has taught us that there is an afterlife. We are taught regardless of religious backgrounds that we have souls and that when we die they go into some form of an afterlife. Religion is to complex to cover what this place is as it differs with the various religious teachings. And I use the word ”Teachings” loosely as all religions where made by man. To understand what a ”GHOST” could be, We must begin with what religion says is the ”SOUL” – Some form of energy that when the mortal body dies leaves and survives. This is essential in understanding what a ”GHOST” could be. Once this energy/soul or personality leaves our body it survives on in some fashion beyond our physical death. This energy is the essence of our personality – our emotions and concerns if you like. This understanding of death is necessary for people and is part of their faith. I will leave it with you and your perceptions of what you think a ”GHOST” is.

Thanks to Mick Doyle our guest blogger from East Coast Paranormal Investigations