Station Hotel Dudley

Join UK Ghost Nights at this fantastic location visited by many paranormal investigators and as seen on TV’s Most Haunted. The Station Hotel, Dudley is reputed to be one of the most haunted location in the WestMidlands. Partially opened in the late 19th Century before being unveiled as a luxurious new hotel in 1910.  It was originally designed to complement the grand Opera House which stood opposite. However, when the Opera House burnt down in 1933, the decision was made to demolish the hotel and rebuild. It was reopened in 1936 as the Dudley Hippodrome and many famous performers tread the boards here including Bing CrosbyLaurel and Hardy and George Formby.

Many residents of this hotel have stayed on in spirit and there has been footage captured of poltergeist activity. Guests have reported to being watched over in the night and staff have seen ghostly children running around. It is also rumoured that a gruesome murder took place on the premises in the early part of the 20th Century and it is alleged that the body of the victim was put into a beer barrel and rolled out through the cellar chute before being buried at the front of the building. This might explain the sense of foreboding and regularly reported activity in the cellar area.

Will you dare come spend the night with us to seek out the resident spirits of this very spooky location? Will you dare to undertake a lone vigil or in a seance in the cellar? Join our expert team of investigators and mediums as we uncover the secrets of the Dudley Station Hotel.