Join UK Ghost Nights and our team of paranormal investigators and mediums as we explore the ghostly secrets of The Stair Arms Hotel in Pathead, Midlothian

This historic coaching Inn was commissioned in 1830 and is Grade B listed The Stair Arms Hotel has a reputation for being haunted by a chamber maid who was killed whilst working there and there are many more spirits of centuries past said to remain here…..

Throughout the night you will be given a psychic tour of the Hotel by our resident medium before taking part in vigils using traditional ghost hunt techniques such as table tipping, glass moving, psychic circles, spirit boards.

You will also be given chance to work alongside our technical investigators as they use equipment such as K2 meters, spirit boxes, parabolic microphones, laser grids, temperature sensors, infra-red cameras and trigger equipment.

Are you brave enough to join us at this historic location? Will you last the night?

NB: If you are feeling really brave the hotel are offering a discounted rate of £54 per double room. Please contact the hotel directly to book rooms