Join UK Ghost Nights paranormal investigation team and International medium Dave Vickers as we investigate the haunted happenings of this stunning building through ghost hunt techniques and a traditional Victorian Seance.

St Mary’s Guildhall, in historic Coventry was built around 1340 and has been described as being the finest surviving Medieval Guildhall in the Country. Located near by to the Cathedral Ruins, Coventry’s Guildhall sits amongst only a few buildings remaining from the Tudor period. Mary Queen of Scots was held captive in the Draper’s room.

Will the spirits of the Guildhall share their secrets, good or bad, will you sense the feeling of happiness or dread as the energies heighten?

The Victorian Seance

Join us as we venture through the veil of darkness and try to make contact with the spirit world by using the traditional Victorian séance methods. In a controlled situation international medium Dave Vickers will be drawing aside the veil between the physical world and the spirit world, using direct communication through trance.

The séance will be carried out with just the dim light from the flickering candles, will you be brave enough to sit, wait and see what may occur?

The rules:

Have an open mind and be prepared to witness the unexplainable

Your medium will be trying to summon up and make contact with spirit

You will be asked to sit in the quiet around the table and join hands

The primary sitter will ask questions of the medium

All sitters will be encouraged to share any thoughts or images during the séance

If a negative energy comes through, you should concentrate on a white light filling the room , remember your medium is in control all the time

Under no circumstances should the group release their hands during the séance

Have respect for your fellow sitters, your medium and spirit

Most spirit contact only lasts for several minutes

Once the medium has finished, the spirits will be thanked and asked to draw back

All of the sitters will then be told to release the hands of the others

Skeptics should not attend séances because they can negatively affect the energies

During the séance we will use various techniques to establish communication with spirit, but please remember, there are differing opinions as to the existence (or not) of spirits and ghosts, and because of this guests are advised to regard the evening purely as entertainment We make no claims to the validity of the phenomena that may be witnessed. Each séance will vary somewhat due to the time it takes to contact the spirits, but will generally last approximately 40 minutes.