The Tron Theatre, Glasgow 29/7/16

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The Tron Theatre, Glasgow 29/7/16

Tron Theatre 29/7/16 – Lisa

We were looking forward to this night for months as it was a first for the crew. We were given a very warm welcome by Khaliq and his team at the theatre and we felt at home straight away. The crew did an initial walk round with medium David McCabe to prepare for the night and spirits were jumping out all over the place to make themselves known to him.
Our guests arrived at 9pm and had the medium tour and ghost hunt workshop. We had a large group vigil in the change room where there were cold spots detected and some reactions with a maglight on the floor lighting up. Guests detected shadows and movement around the room. However the heat got to us so we decided to take a break.

After the break we split into our vigil groups and my area was the Victorian Bar. I chose this as I had an instant connection with it on the walkround and had picked up spirit activity in there. All three groups engaged in the copper wire experiment with a role of wire resting on the tops of everyones hands. Every group had movement from the wire with it eventually jumping off the hands. The first two groups there was no activity on the Maglite torches we had set up around the room. All three groups reported seeing someone walk past the glass doors to the room. during one vigil we heard a noise like a door banging but despite theatre staff going to investigate we could not explain it. All three groups were drawn to the same area o the room where shadow figures were seen.
In one group a guest was affected by spirit and we were able to start a human pendulum but we had strange results as his mum also started to respond. So we had one guest for yes and the other for no.Tron theatre

The final vigil in this area is the one that has had us all talking about it and our resident sceptic Colin scratching his head…. We set up the copper wire experiment and maglites but this time we also set up a glow in the dark ball in the circle as a trigger object. Despite there having been no Maglite activity all night in there we suddenly had 2 torches light up at the same time as the wire jumped off everyone’s hands and the ball started to weave its way across the floor!!! We were stunned to say the least and this led to some communication using the maglites and further movement detected with the ball. A stunning vigil!!

For the final vigil we all gathered in the auditorium and had more instant results with the maglites, shadow figures and noises we could not explain.

A brilliant night and I can’t wait to go back in November!! Thanks to the team at the Tron, Scottish Ghosts Nights crew and our guests for a brilliant night. But most of all thanks t the spirits of the Tron Theatre!!

Medium Report – David, The Tron Theatre 29/7/16

We arrived at The Tron fairly early to get an idea of the lay out and spot the paranormal hot spots. On arrival, I had visions of a church graveyard flooding, and skeletons washing around the ground walls of a building. I felt that there had been a church or a cemetery on the site of the current building (please note that I knew nothing of the location other than it was a theatre and was near the end of Argyle Street). The lovely staff met us when we arrived and gave us a quick walkaround of the location so that we knew where everything was. On the way up the stairs in to the tower Khaliq started to talk about the buildings past and that it had been a church, at this point I said that I didn’t want to know anything but that I had already picked up on what he had mentioned.
Our guests for the evening arrived and Lisa did the introductions in the theatre foyer. We split in to three groups, 1, 2 and 3. My area for investigation/vigils was the tower to the front of the building.

Tron Theatre TowerMy first group went up and we stood at the top of the tower. I saw a man dressed in what looked like garments that a monk would wear, but strangely I did not feel that he actually was a monk, but more of a caretaker of the building. He was fairly civil although I felt that he could be very possessive of his space and could become volatile at times with people hearing noises and feeling unwell. He positioned himself half way up the ladder that led to the clock at the very top of the tower and faced us watching what we were doing. I felt ‘in the air’ that some kind of rituals/magik had taken place here and as I was trying to figure out exactly the purpose of this magik was, I saw a chalk circle being drawn on the floor, with five candles spaced around the edges. As I said what I was seeing, one of my group said he was seeing a circle on the floor also just as I was saying it which was good confirmation for the rest of my group.
Michelle and Colin came up at this point and Colin suggested that we should try some EVP experiments. We got a few replies on the evp recorder, some that we could just make out saying ‘get out now’ and others that we could not decipher at all. We tried the spirit box with no results. Some of the group felt unsteady on their feet as though being pushed from the bottom of the legs.

It was now time for the groups to change over, and the next group came up the tower. After ten minutes or so of calling out and trying the spirit box, we had no results and although I could see a couple of spirits up the hatch looking down, they did not interact. I should point out that one of this group said she could see a pair of yellow eyes looking down at us, and a chap said he could see the silhouette of someone standing looking down at us. We decided that as there was no further interaction we would try the reception area at the bottom of the tower. After a while of calling out here, we had no interaction and decided to move on the old staircase to the left of the theatre foyer where I had seen a lady earlier.
The lady I saw gave the name Mary, she was in her mid forties and was very well dressed and I could tell she was a lady of means. She wore a bling necklace and her hair was up in a French-roll type style and she looked pretty and glamorous. I felt that she had been married to a well known ‘political’ type figure in Glasgow society such as a Mayor or Council Leader. I felt that Mary was like a trophy wife, as she was charming and well liked and a good ambassador for her husband at society parties and events. Sadly, her husband had found a secret younger model, and wanted Mary gone so that he was free to be with his new beau. Mary could not tell me the manner of how she died, but I felt that he neck had been broken. I also felt that her husband was responsible for her death, although he may not have actually did it with his own hands. Mary remains in this building 150 years later and I felt that quite a few people of the years would have sensed her presence, felt cold air pass them or a breeze. I also felt that she would present as spirit lights coming down the stairs and that this would have been seen by people. So we gathered on the stairs and started calling out. Michael in my group felt cool air around him and you could physically feel the temperature difference by moving your hand around where Michael was stood. Most of the group saw small white spirit lights around the first 5 or 6 steps of the stair case. At this point, we were all stood watching for the spirit lights when we all heard a door bang very loudly upstairs and through the wall, which would have been the door to the auditorium. We assumed at the time that it was Kaitlins group as they were in the auditorium doing a vigil, but as it turned out they thought it was us as they also heard it. As no-one else was around except both of our groups, and neither of our groups had moved or banged a door, I can assume that it must have been a paranormal incident. After this, we decided to do a quick vigil in the top lobby between the stairs and the entrance to the auditorium. A number of the group, Linda, Michael etc, saw shadows and movement on the walls in this area, like a ghostly thoroughfare. We broke up for a break before my next group.

In the auditorium during the walkround we met a number of spirits and I felt this area would have been very active and would get good results on the EVP if we tried some experiments during a vigil. On walking in to the auditorium, I saw it the way it would have been a couple of hundred years ago, with a horseshoe shaped balcony and a slightly raised stage area. I saw a young lady called Marianne. She told me she was an actress and that she had been in a relationship with another actor of the theatre. For whatever reason, they broke up and Marianne took it very hard, heartbroken she commited suicide by hanging herself from the balcony. Another spirit here was ‘The Director’, a man who paced around the balcony watching everything that was going on. I first noticed him standing behind the back row watching us as we spoke about Marianne. He then moved down and walked around us and most of us heard footsteps very close to where we were stood. I felt he was very active in the theatre and was responsible for much of the activity in the area such as doors opening and closing on their own.

Again with this group I did a vigil on the stairs (I saw no point in going back to the tower as it was literally dead). We did some calling out and had no response, we did get a few sparkles of spirit lights but nothing else. We decided that we should move in the changing room and join the other teams vigil. We all saw the maglites on the floor responding to the questions being asked by turning on and off and a couple of the group also saw the silhouette of someone standing at the back of the room.

During another break, Lisa, Yvonne, myself and a member of the Tron staff showed us in to the Victorian Bar. I had not been shown this room earlier as it had customers in it, but it now empty and closed up. The minute I walked in to the bar, I saw it full of men in bowler hats smoking, there was a smoke cloud three quarters of the way up the room. Men were playing cards at tables and someone was playing the piano. I looked to my left and the room was suddenly empty again I saw a man standing behind the bar. He gave the name James and I felt that he had worked there for a very long time and was well respected by his clientele. He dated to around 1900/1910, and had a long thick moustache. I felt that he would move glassed and things around behind the bar to attract attention. Unfortunately, I did not get to do a vigil in this room, but I know that Lisa got some very good poltergeist activity and communication in this are… (over to you Lisa)

The Tron Theatre 29/7/16 – Colin’s sceptical crew review
(Colin is our resident sceptic and along with medium Michelle had this experience of our night..).

The trip to Glasgow’s Tron Theatre for the Paranormal Investigation was relatively uneventful for Michelle and myself until the city appeared on the horizon. Normality had dominated the conversation (if you can call our conversations normal) but inside as I headed into the crowded Friday night sunk kissed streets, I was screaming inwardly and hoping the Satnav wouldn’t break down and I’d be shown up for the directionless loser that I truly am.

We parked with no problems at all and entered the Tron about an hour after the team had arrived therefore we were not apportioned to a team which then allowed us to head to do some initial EVP checks.

We made our way initially to the auditorium and did a couple of recordings briefly before the lure of the stage was too much for the wee yin who bounded down as if she was picking up a Bafta…………. for Drama Queen presumably.12923378_1672550469672869_3162841420656421098_n

We started to get a bit of activity on the stage after Michelle had performed a little before we headed to the back of the stage next to the dressing rooms. Again, a few class B voices on evp. However we were both drawn to a stair case and through the door in looking up into the darkness we both felt a bit uneasy. I had an image of a man in the darkness at the top of the stairs (which may have been totally psychological as we have all seen this in horror movies) however, the wee yin had similar visions and at the same time we both had the smell of smoke in our noses. Again this may have genuinely been from one of the many food outlets in the locus however this was wood smoke and the east end of Glasgow isn’t exactly blessed with BBQ smokehouses. This was accompanied with what appeared to have been a mist floating on the stairwell. Our eyes playing tricks in the darkness perhaps? But it was there and we both saw it. EVP was a bit active here with a class A confirming it was a man and it was his stair case.

We then joined one of the groups in the smaller theatre area where some activity was deemed to have been taking place. I saw or heard nothing untoward here.

After a short break for all, provided by those lovely Tron peeps, we joined a group up on the clocktower which was a rather uneventful area. The energy between the attendees seemed quite flat and nothing much happened here.

We followed the group in the main building up a set of stairs where David connected with a female of an 1840’s description. When the group moved on, we remained and did some EVP. We asked if there was a male present…….silence. We asked if there was a female present. We received a conclusive “Yes”.

We then spoke to the Manager of the Theatre and he took us up to a place he had said had been active in the past. It was what appeared to be an electrician’s workshop and a Boiler room. He didn’t tell us the history and left us to explore.

As soon as we walked in Michelle felt a pain behind her eye. Her hand instinctively covered it and she stepped back out of the area. EVP here told us it was an accident and that the man was blind in his eye. Accident was repeated a few times.
As I type this a week later, I decided to check the internet and have just discovered a report from 2006 of a previous investigation here (albeit directly down stairs from this room) where a team member states. “During the vigil, Derek sensed the name Richard Thomas and a year of 1842 and said that he felt Richard had a problem with his right eye.”
Now, there is a possibility that Michelle had read this before attending the theatre. It was easy to find. However I’ve known her 8 years and I know her well enough to know she wouldn’t lie about what she felt. Tantrums and shouty shouty she does well. Lying – nope! Therefore the conclusions to take from this is that it was either coincidence that she had pain at that time or it could have been a case of spirit interacting with her. The EVP ties in with the latter. Her pain left almost as immediately as it had begun.

The door to the little boiler room led into…….well, a little boiler room and inside it was felt that there was a little boiler man who didn’t want us there. We left soon after, once he had asked us to on EVP.

The manager then led us to an area back stage and we had a few bits of activity here on EVP. The best bit for me was the scrying. We haven’t done this together since the Winnock in 2008 and although this time, no one stood between us the images of our faces distorted. I saw on one occasion something skeletal on her face. She said that my face looked fat with bags under my eyes. I told her to start scrying and to leave the personal insults for the way home……FUD!

Another break another couple of locations visited. No activity in the bar for instance. It must just be me, no one ever wants to come and talk to me when I sit on a bar stool looking sad.

After the last break, Lisa invited us to join her vigil in the restaurant area which we did. We sat at a table with about 10 guests. We connected by holding pinkies and Lisa did the call outs for spirit to appear. Michelle said that she could see one of the guests heads disappear. I’m not convinced that it wasn’t anything more than a trick of the light but others saw it to. However one of the torches rolled on the table. Again, I wasn’t convinced with this as it was cylindrical and easy to roll, particularly if it was inadvertently knocked unsuspectingly.

We moved to the corner of this room up a few steps onto a built up wooden floored area. The group formed a circle and passed some copper wire around between them to presumably act as an energy conduit. I wasn’t clear on the purpose of this or indeed convinced of its practical application. With people at different heights and arm lengths it didn’t rest evenly between them. Maybe it didn’t have to. I’m not sure.

Between them, on the floor, sat a luminous, hollow rubber ball with indents on its surface which for me gave it an unstable surface area.

During this vigil, the torches remained untouched, darkened and about 5 metres from us. Only Michelle, Ronnie and myself remained outside the circle.

After a few minutes of calling out, the copper wire was either dropped or had fallen. I wasn’t clear on what happened here. It didn’t matter at this time because as Lisa spoke, one of the torches on the table began to illuminate, dimly at first, becoming brighter and dimming again.

At almost the same time, the ball on the floor began to move albeit slightly randomly at first and then what appeared to be on command. I don’t think I want to discount the instability of the ball or the potential for eyes to play tricks so late into the morning and in the darkness too. I did ask the group to jump. Not for my sole amusement but to see if their movements on the floor made the ball move. They jumped, the ball didn’t move. Again when asked, the ball appeared to move of its own accord.

As this was happening, both torches were illuminating, on request and at different times. Now these torches are maglites, they twist on. It could have been that a gentle twist was enough to initiate a gentle trickle of voltage to generate an intermittent current. But again on investigation, I couldn’t replicate this in the time I had. I need to try this again to disprove it. Again it could have been coincidence; however the ball movement and torch lightings were completely independent of each other and moved on what appears to have been command.
I was quite frankly amazed by what I saw at the time and for the last week I have been trying to reason myself out of this. However, if anything is worse than a close minded believer (of which I am sure were in the room at this time) it’s a close minded sceptic and I have absolutely no reason for explanation of this incident. I was quite frankly lost for words.

We did a final vigil again with some good torch lightshows but my mind was elsewhere at the time and its really been elsewhere for a few days as I try and work out what I encountered, what we all encountered, because when you can genuinely discount the normal, all that is left is beyond normal. The paranormal.

I’m sure the wee yin loved it as we went back down the road to the coast as I shook my head every mile or so in disbelief. In all of our years investigating, this was one of the most interesting and unexplainable nights and I thank Lisa for asking us to come along.