Our dedicated crew aim to give a better experience for those wishing to undertake paranormal investigations and spirit communication. We have a wealth of experience both in attending and working on Ghost Hunting Events, and along with our mediums we aim to provide YOU with the event that YOU want.

Ghost Hunting Events can often be expensive, so we aim to provide you with an excellent event which is also excellent value for money.

So with all the crews combined knowledge and expertise we will guide you through a memorable, thought provoking and intriguing night of fun.

UK Ghost Nights Management Team

Sara Chiappa

North of Scotland Manager

Sara is our far north of Scotland Investigator, but is not afraid to travel to hunt down a spook or two in the lowlands! An experienced ghost hunter who started out as a guest with us. How could we not succumb to her charms?

Lisa Tedstill

The Boss

Lisa is the boss of UK and Scottish Ghost Nights and a very experienced investigator, host and events manager. Full biography

David McCabe

Lead Medium and Scottish Events Manager

What can we say about our David except he is an absolute star (he's even been on the telly) David is a superb medium and keeps us entertained with his crazy laugh

Leeds In Halloween
Sheila Walsh

English events manager, Historian and story teller

Sheila is an amazing crew member with many years of experience of ghost hunting. She has a passion for history and story telling and is often seen in costume at Speke Hall, Merseyside entertaining adults and children with ghost stories and tours.  We are extremely privileged to have her with us at UK Ghost Nights as she brings the extra wow factor to any ghost hunt with her extensive knowledge and experience.

Yvonne Hydes

Scottish events manager and lead investigator

We are very blessed to have Yvonne on the team. She came to us as a complete novice ghost hunter but was on a fast track to management before we could take a breath. Yvonne takes meticulous care of each event and looks after us all

Lead Investigators

Sian Fox Collins

Lead Investigator

Sian is a whizz with practical tasks as well as being a fantastic investigator. She has proved herself worthy on our summer events with her extraordinary camping skills. She beats the boys hands down when it comes to putting tents away!

Mark McCubbing

Lead Investigator

Mark may be quiet but he is not scared of that haunted doll!! Nor is he of a challenge. Mark always has a Plan A, B, C and more....

UK Ghost Nights
Roy Woolrich

Lead Investigator

Our Roy is a seasoned veteran in the field of paranormal investigation. Not only can he command a room for investigation but he continues the investigation days after through a thorough review of any evidence gathered. 

Christopher Moore

Lead Investigator

We first met Christopher at the Victoria Tunnel in Newcastle. He charmed us with his Geordie wit and we knew he would be a brilliant team member. The rest they say is history...

Support Crew

Ed Carr

Moral Officer

Young Edward is often seen at a ghost hunt keeping the energy up with his unusual sense of wit and enthusiasm. A real go getter who is willing to assist anyone with his cheeky charm on an event

Phill Longley

Drone Pilot and catering officer

Our Phil is  a whiz with a drone and a camera. he is the man who creeps around taking pictures and surveying our sites. But most important of all... he never forgets the boss when making tea!

David Ingham


Dave is our sound and light technician for our ghost hunts and general ghost walks and fright events. He is a man of few words but committed to the cause...

Brian Lancaster


Brian is a whizz with a camera and creates some fantastic memories of our events. Check his facebook page for more information https://www.facebook.com/Brian-Lancaster-461691887371559/


Scottish Crew

Our dedicated Scottish Ghost Nights Crew represent the best in the business in Scotland with their unique Celtic flair

Ronnie Murphy

Team leader and official photographer

Our Ronnie is often seen baring his hairy knees at the bunker in Fife! he is a lovely, lovely guy with a new found passion for the paranormal.

Stacey Paton

Trainee Investigator

Stacey is a recent addition to the team as we expand into the very north of Scotland. She impressed us all at Lapwing Lodge with her sumo suit wrestling skills. Poor Ronnie didn't stand a chance!

Julia Girdwood

Lead Investigator and Host

Julia is a pleasure to have in our crazy Scottish family. she has been a part of our Scottish events right from the beginning. Julia also bakes the most amazing cakes to the extent that crew have been found sneaking a stash or two.......

Helen MacDonald

Trainee Investigator and holistic therapist

Helen is another crew member who was recruited from our guests. She showed a passion for the paranormal and best yet she looks after the crew when they are a bit tired and cranky

Erica Hicks and Nicola Walters

Trainee Investigators

Erica and Nicola are a bouncy breath of fresh air on any event. Their enthusiasm is infectious and we love having them on board.