Scotland’s secret bunker 9/7/16

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Scotland’s secret bunker 9/7/16

Scotland’s Secret Bunker,
9th July 2016, Medium Matt Brooks.
What a fab place, even if the ghosts hadn’t come out to play as much as we’d have liked.
The moment our team dropped into the ground, the first spirit I encountered was a man marching towards us along the long corridor. He later told me his name was Cyril and he was a sergeant, but was very welcoming to our group. He showed me the spirit of a civilian woman in the bunker as well called Tess who was screaming and crying at the blast doors.
Further in at the Royal Command room there was hushed silence caused by Commander Terrance, who would whisper in the room with his people in charge. We also got a man named Victor in here who was a pilot. The spirit board got the most activity in this room but we did get three bangs we could not find a root cause for.
In the dorms we had a couple of male officers called Miller and Mulligan who seemed to be a little more than best friends. We had a few interesting shadows in here. We were also told there was a stern senior female officer called Srg. Groves who had been a bit of a bully to the lesser ranked men snd women but didn’t get more from her. There was a sudden sensation of having panic in the building and this came from the residual memory of a routine drill that went wrong. I got the sensation that a man had fallen down the first flight of stairs.
On the second floor, the ‘war room’ had the sensation of nervousness and agitation. I got the name George here and I felt he did something hasty and regretted it. The spirits kept telling me he had ‘blood on his hands’ but he could not accept fault. Here we had a few odd cold spots and shadows and some equipment went missing only to turn up here later.
The main room for me here was the offices area, which had three observation areas. I led my main vigils in here, Kaitlin and Yvonne were fantastic here too. We had a main who looked like a Captain in a peaked cap with black hair and set jaw, we got two names of Lawrence and Trevor. We also had a female called Scarlet and a strange man who was bent double and didn’t seem to be part of the building.
Here we saw great effects on the plasma ball where it sped up and slowed with the energies. We had shadows and a few whistles in here too, cold backs and knees, odd itchiness and heated spots too.
Over all a nice night, thanks to Mark from the bunker, all the UKGN crew and fab guests.

Guest post:Nikki

FB_IMG_1468241978564So last night during our spirit board vigil we got info through about a Sergeant Victor Sutton who was in his 20s and was a pilot in the RAF. He said he didn’t die due to illness. Well a little look on google produced this. Nice to know our information was accurate