Scotland’s Secret Bunker 18/6/16

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Scotland’s Secret Bunker 18th June – report : Lisa

What an interesting night!! Just arriving at this location is exciting, after a beautiful drive with the sun starting to set we rolled into the bunker compound with its military vehicles in the grounds and fencing that would do the Walking Dead proud! As you descend into the bunker it becomes quiet and as you walk along the entrance corridor your heart rate starts to increase!

Our guest were mostly new ghost hunters but we had a few of our regular ghostbusters with us too. We had planned on setting up our DVR system but this place was just too big to give it justice on this occasion as it was our first visit. We had a intro workshop for the new ghosthunters and a couple of tours of the location with the fabulous historian Sheila Walsh sharing her cold war knowledge. I took the experienced guys off for a vigil in cinema 2 and we instantly strated to experience moving shadows and voices from the neighbouring room we could not explain. Two very tall shadow figures were seen and everyone saw what looked like a shadow moving in the corner. An interesting start…

We then had a large vigil in the dormitory with everyone, this was very interesting as there were strange breezes and guests feeling uncomfortable. I picked up on the name/role of foreman. This was later identified by a guest as being a rank in the signals. As a male figure was seen both REM pods alerted at the same time that a guest fainted. We cleared the room and escorted the guest outside to recover, whilst doing this a man’s face was seen at the window of the dormitory.

We then split down into 3 groups and I covered the areas of the armoury and the command and control centre.
The first group had an interesting experience in the main command centre with a guest who had no previous experience seeing a male figure walking around the room near a perspex screen. We moved to the armoury and from the moment we arrived folks felt uncomfortable in the far corner of the room. Our intrepid group of male guest had a very unnerving experience with the sound of footsteps and the floor vibrating by them and cold breezes.
My second group started in the armoury and had a similar experience the previous guys, one poor girl was very frightened but I identified her Grandads name and that he had come through to calm her. We moved to the command room and formed a circle and a male spirit came forward and made himself known to Craig who was the only male in this group. When asked if he wished to speak to Craig we had the first hit off the maglite that night corresponding in confirmation. This led to a great human pendulum with Craig and we connected with a male spirit who said he died aged 27 unmarried and had connections with employment in the bunker. I found it interesting that we had maglite activity to back this up.
My final group had some of the similar experiences in the armoury but the main room was quiet.

We got together with all guests in the ingress tunnel for a final vigil and had some great interaction with the maglites and rem pod. Once again this activity started near Craig!

A really good night for everyone despite the heat!! Even our Ronnie the sceptic had some food for thought that night.

Thank you to everyone for getting so involved and I really hope to see you again soon.

Lisa :)

Taken by a guest in an empty corridor....

Taken by a guest in an empty corridor….

Scotland’s Secret Bunker: 18th June – Sheila

During the first group vigil those with their backs to the door saw a figure form in the centre of the group. It was a perfect outline of a male figure and grey in colour. It moved about halfway down the circle before disappearing. Then the REM pods went off and a guest collapsed.
Most of my vigils were held in the dormitory as the cinema was not very active. There was an interesting hit on the Kinnect as a figure appeared to sit on an empty chair on the front row.
All the groups had some interesting results with the rods and pendulums.
During the third vigil we were joined by Ronnie and more equipment was set up. The REM pod, which had been inactive upto this point, was moved across to another bunk and both the blue temperature light and the green light began flashing.
The same guest who had been affected earlier reported feeling very unwell and had to be taken out. Via the flashing lights and the dowsing rods we were informed that a spirit was affecting her, but when we asked for more information there was none given. This left us with a mystery as to why this lady had been targeted twice in the same location.
My thanks to our guests who tackled everything with patience and enthusiasm and my colleagues for their support.
All in all, a very interesting night and a venue to return to.