The Haunted Hotel, Melrose: 11th Sept 2020


Join the team in the Scottish Borders as we investigate the Haunted Hotel in Melrose. This 18th century coaching inn has many ghostly secrets….

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The George and Abbotsford Hotel is a rabbit warren of a location. All you need is a heavy snowfall and you would expect Jack Nicholson to be in charge! This 18th century coaching inn is the quintessential Haunted Hotel. This establishment has years of history and ghost stories to tell. It’s perhaps not surprising with the footfall it would have experienced through the centuries over the Scottish Border.

Haunted hotel

The Haunted Hotel

The Scottish Ghost Nights team were invited to investigate this location by the new owners who reported many strange goings on. So we couldn’t wait to visit and give other ghost hunters the opportunity to join us! On a site visit during the day (the hotel was empty) we experienced a door handle rattling on its own, knocking on doors and a very disturbing growling sound coming from within one of the main bedroom corridors. We half expected a little boy on a trike to start trundling down the corridor! 

Staff have reported poltergeist activity, lights switching on by themselves and the poor chef even had her hair pulled so hard she fell backwards! We are quite surprised they have not all run away yet! So we are very excited to spend the night there! There is also opportunity to book a room overnight if you wish to stay after the ghost hunt.

Friday 11th Sept 2020

9pm to 2am

(Over 18s only, not suitable for wheelchairs)

(Rooms available if you book direct with the hotel:

£30 per person B&B or £45 DBB based on two sharing. 

A single room is £40 B&B or £55 DBB.)

The George and Abbotsford

High Street



01896 822308

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