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Join our Scottish Ghost Nights crew for a fun packed night at the Spooky Xmas School in Glasgow after dark. Take part in classes of divination, weird science, musical mystery and more…. Will the ghosts of Scotland Street School come and join the fun? or will our scary head Mrs Walsh send you to detention somewhere suitably dark?

Spooky Scotland Street School

Will you survive the fun?

A fun night is ahead as our Scottish team take over the historic Scotland Street School in Glasgow with a spooky twist of ghost hunting, experiments and perhaps some old school memories…..

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Spooky Xmas School

The school has featured in Scottish Television’s top ten most haunted locations! Located in Glasgow city centre it was designed in the early 20th Century by one of Scotland’s best known architects, Charles Rennie Mackintosh. It closed down for teaching in 1979 and has since been turned into a museum, giving people a glimpse of school life throughout the 20th Century with its reconstructed classrooms, and stories from teachers and pupils who attended the school.
The school has already been subject to several paranormal investigations, with witnesses hearing strange noises/footsteps when no-one else was in the building, objects moving from place to place, and shadowy apparitions. Our team have investigated before and had some unexplained spooky activity….

Will you be brave enough to keep your attention on the task at hand or will we have to put you in solitary detention???

Saturday 8th December 

7pm to 11:30pm

(Over 18s, strictly no alcohol or pregnant ladies)


Scotland Street School, 225 Scotland Street, Glasgow, G5 8QB