Scottish Maritime Museum, Irvine: 21st March 2019


Join our Scottish ghost Nights Crew as they explore the ghostly secrets of the Scottish Maritime Museum in Irvine. Are you brave enough?

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Join our Scottish Ghost Nights Crew as they investigate the Haunted Scottish Maritime Museum in Irvine. A fascinating location with a variety of artefacts including historic ships, machinery, tools, lifeboats and personal items amongst others. Such a collection lends itself to a deep emotional connection that it is said reverberates within the museum confines…….

SCottish Maritime Mjseum

Haunted History of the Scottish Maritime Museum

Previous investigations have revealed unexplained phenomena including the sound of bagpipes, apparitions, footsteps, bangs and doors opening on their own. There was also a marked drain on battery life of technical kit.

Are you brave enough?

Your night with us at the Scottish Maritime Museum will include a tour of the location, a ghost hunt workshop for the uninitiated, supervised vigils with our investigators and hot drinks. So what are you waiting for? Step aboard this historic location with the Scottish ghost nights crew. Explore Haunted Scotland with Scottish Ghost nights

Saturday 21st March 2020

9.30pm to 2am, £39pp

(Over 18s, no pregnant ladies, suitable for wheelchair users)

Scottish Maritime Museum

Harbour Road

KA12 8BT

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