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Join Scottish Ghost Nights as we explore the Haunted Mary Queen of Scots House in Jedburgh. It is said that visitors report feelings of unease on entering this historic building and have fled the building in terror…..

Haunted Mary Queen of Scots House 

It was at Jedburgh that was the turning point in the life of Mary Queen of Scots when all her troubles began. A 16th century Bastel house was put at her disposal. When Mary heard that Lord Bothwell lay wounded at Hermitage Castle she set off on the difficult return journey of 40 miles to visit him. She arrived back to Jedburgh ill and close to death and spent several weeks at the House in the autumn of 1566

Haunted Mary Queen of Scots House

Mary Queen of Scots stopped off in Jedburgh to preside over cases in the local courts, however was taken ill and spent 4 weeks at the property. The house contains many artefacts including her death mask taken after her beheading in 1587.


It is believed that the Queen still frequents the house and visitors to the museum have reported smelling a flowery scent like freesias in the Queens bedroom. Some have felt very afraid  and fled the museum after sensing a presence. There has been sounds of what is described as a skirt rustling and it is thought it is Mary herself walking. There have been reports of unexplained footsteps and feelings of being watched.

Friday 16th March 2018

9pm to 2am


(Over 18s only, no pregnant ladies)

 Queen Street, Jedburgh, TD8 6EN