Dunbar Townhouse Ghosts: 16th March 2019


Join our Scottish Ghost Nights team as they explore the magnificent Dunbar Townhouse Ghosts. With a history of witch trials this may prove to be a spooky ghost hunt

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Join our Scottish Ghost Nights team as they explore the magnificent Dunbar Townhouse Ghosts. Built towards the end of the 16th century, it is considered to be Scotland’s oldest functioning Council Chamber spanning a history of more than 400 years

History of the Dunbar Townhouse Ghosts

Dunbar Townhouse GhostsThe Grade 1 Listed Dunbar Town House is a 17th Century Tolbooth in the centre of Dunbar. It was where you would have found the stocks and the gallows or the locals criminals to be punished. The building would have been standing during Oliver Cromwell’s raid into Scotland when he stayed in Dunbar. Many a ne’er do well was sentenced to death within the current Council Chamber. It was also the centre of the 17th century Witch Trials whereby hundreds of so called witches were tortured and put to death in the upper floors. The council chamber on the top floor is original with a wood panel dating back to the 17th century. 2 prison cells have been modernised but still have the original heavy doors in place and the stone spiral staircase is still accessible.

Dunbar Townhouse Ghosts

Seeking out the Dunbar Townhouse Ghosts

Join our Scottish Ghost Nights team as they seek out the spooks of this amazing building. We will attempt to contact the alleged witches and prisoners sent to their deaths here. A place full of highly charged emotional turmoil is a sure fire bet for some ghost hunting activity…. Are you up for the challenge of exploring this historic building after dark?

Saturday 16th March

9pm to 2am

£35pp (over 18s only, Strictly no alcohol or pregnant ladies)

NB: This building is wheelchair accessible throughout 2/3 of the building

High Street,
East Lothian,
EH42 1ER