Drakelow Tunnels, Kidderminster: 18th May 2019


Join UK Ghost Nights as we explore the massive terrifying haunted underground labyrinth of Drakelow Tunnels in Kidderminster.

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Join UK Ghost Nights as we explore the massive terrifying underground labyrinth of Drakelow Tunnels in Kidderminster. Immerse yourself into the pitch black and take a deep breath as you prepare for the intensity of this very haunted location. Many ghosts and spirits are reported to be lurking in the shadows of this location. Prepare to be pushed, touched, breathed on and much more as we plunge into the depths of terror.

History of Drakelow Tunnels

Drakelow Tunnels are a former Top Secret underground military complex beneath Kingsford Country Park.. The tunnels were built between 1941-1942 as a Shadow Factory for the Rover car company. Parts for aircraft engines were machined in the 3.5 miles of tunnels throughout WWII. After WWII the tunnels began producing parts for tank engines until 1958 when the tunnels were handed over to the Ministry of Supply, and later Ministry of Works. Drakelow tunnels
In 1961 the British Government converted half of the tunnels into a top secret facility, designated: Regional Seat of Government 9 (R.S.G. 9). Drakelow, along with 12 other facilities scattered across the U.K. formed a national network of highly classified Nuclear Bunkers, that the British Government would operate the country from, in the event of Nuclear War.

In 1980, Drakelow was re-designated: Regional Government Headquarters 9.2 (R.G.H.Q. 9.2). The tunnels were also upgraded and Blast Doors and Air Locks installed to bring the complex up to full Nuclear Bunker status. Through out the 1980’s Drakelow operated under complete secrecy until the end of the Cold War in 1990. In 1993, the Ministry of Defence deemed the facility surplus to requirements, and the entire complex was decommissioned and sold.
Since 1993, the Drakelow Tunnels Preservation Trust, have been restoring the entire complex to its original condition to become the largest Cold War Museum in the UK. It also the largest underground space in the UK open to the general public.

Your night at Drakelow Tunnels

Includes ghost hunt workshop, location tour and vigils using the latest technology plus traditional ghost hunt methods.

Saturday 18th May

9pm to 2am

(Over 18s only, no pregnant ladies, strictly no alcohol/drugs)

Kidderminster, DY11 5SW