Crathes Castle Ghost Hunt: Aberdeenshire, 15th May 2020


Join the Scottish Ghost Nights team as they head to Aberdeenshire for the Crathes Castle Ghost Hunt. There is nothing better than a haunted Scottish castle!

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Join the Scottish Ghost Nights team as they head to Crathes Castle in Aberdeenshire for a ghost hunt to remember. With exclusive late night access, you can join the team as they seek out the ghosts of this historic location.

Crathes Castle History

In 1323, King Robert the Bruce awarded Burnett of Leys family with the land that they used to build Crathes Castle. In 1553, the tower house of Crathes Castle was constructed. Alexander Burnett of Leys completed the construction of Crathes Castle in 1596. In 18th century, it featured an extra wing. In the beginning of 17th century, there was a new project that Alexander Burnett had. He decided to rebuild Muchalls Castle. It belonged to the Burnett family for almost 500 years. In 1951, Sir James Burnett who was the 13th Baronet of Leys gave Crathes Castle to National Trust for Scotland.

Crathes Castle Ghosts

Crathes Castle Ghost HuntVisit the Green Lady’s Room, named after the spirit of a young woman who has often been seen by the fireplace wearing a green dress and cradling an infant in her arms. When the castle was renovated in the 1800s, the bones of a child – presumed murdered – were discovered under the hearthstone of the fireplace. The archives tell of the unearthly appearance of a luminous block of ice that moves like someone walking but is not human in shape – these visions are always accompanied by a sharp drop in room temperature. The tower house is also home to the White Lady, thought to be Alexander Burnett’s young lover, Bertha. Poisoned by Lady Agnes for being unworthy of her son’s hand in marriage, Bertha visits on the anniversary of her murder.

Friday 15th May 2020

9pm to 2am


(Over 18s only, no pregnant ladies or alcohol)

Not suitable for wheelchair users and limited mobility


Crathes Castle

A93, Banchory AB31 5QH

Crathes Castle is 15 miles west of Aberdeen and 3 miles east of Banchory on the A93.