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Join the UK Ghost Nights team in (what is said to be) the most haunted castle in England as they seek the Chillingham castle ghosts.

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Join the UK Ghost Nights team in (what is said to be) the most haunted castle in England as they seek the Chillingham castle ghosts. This 14th Century castle is a fortress of gruesome bloodshed and dark secrets…..

 Chillingham Castle Ghosts

Chillingham Castle GhostsBeing close to the borders of England and Scotland, Chillingham Castle has seen plenty of war and battles. With the added dimension of mass execution and torture it makes for a very active ghost hunt location. Thousands of persons have said to have been tortured and killed so it’s no wonder we hear so much of the Chillingham Castle Ghosts. Cries and screams of pain are often heard, as well as the popping and snapping of joints, bones and ligaments thought to be from those being stretched out on the infamous torture device, the rack. Other well-known Chillingham Castle Ghosts include the Blue Boy who was believed to have been walled up alive. Lady Berkeley is also said to roam and seen gazing from the windows.

 Mass executions

Chillingham Castle GhostsOne of the most horrific parts of history  was when an excess of prisoners that required ‘disposal’ at Chillingham Castle were ushered into the courtyard, and burned alive. The children were made to watch and then taken upstairs into the King Edward Bedroom and hacked to pieces. Apparitions and disembodied cries are observed in the courtyard and a dark presence is said to lurk in the bedroom where the children were killed.

 The Haunted Chapel and Pantry Ghosts

Even Chillingham Castle’s Chapel isn’t safe from ghostly goings on. Within this room two skeletons were located underneath the ground in a vault. A ghost is said to haunt the chapel, usually communicating with female visitors, playing with their hair and filling the atmosphere within the corner her body was found with feelings of great sadness. Another of the most well known ghosts of Chillingham Castle is known as the pantry ghost. This ghost appears in the White Pantry, dressed in white, looking very pale and sickly.

 The Hanging Trees and Devils Walk

Hanging Executions took place in the trees outside the castle meant to inflict a slow painful death. Bodies were left in place to rot. Even the front driveway of the castle is soaked in blood and nicknamed Devil’s Walk. The ground is littered with human remains and is said to be a paranormal hotspot.

 Saturday 7th March 2020

10:30pm to 2:30am

(Over 18s only, no pregnant ladies or alcohol use, not accessible for wheelchairs)

NB: Apartments can be booked at the Castle. Please book direct