Castle Menzies

Castle Menzies, Aberfeldy, Ghost Hunt: 18th March 2017: SOLD OUT

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Dare you join Scottish Ghost Nights as we uncover the ghostly goings on of the historic Castle Menzies?

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Castle Menzies was the ancestral seat of the Chiefs of Clan Menzies for over 400 years. Situated in a strategic location, a little to the west of the small village of Weem, near Aberfeldy in the Highlands of Perthshire, close to the former site of Weem Castle. It was involved in much of the turbulent history of the Highlands. During the second Jacobite rising the Castle hosted both Bonnie Prince Charlie, who rested on his way to Culloden in 1746 and, just four days later, the Duke of Cumberland, son of the British Monarch and commander of the Government forces.


The present Castle Menzies was built in the 1500′s on the site of an earlier castle destroyed by a rival clan. It has a turbulent past with many dark deeds having occurred within the castle walls, resulting in Castle Menzies having many active spirits. These include a Grey Lady, three Red Coat Soldiers, ghostly children and a very angry Clan Chief to name but a few!

Such a turbulent history has led to many reported hauntings and we have a unique opportunity to explore at night! Dare you join the Scottish Ghost Nights crew with as we uncover the ghostly goings on of the historic Castle Menzies?

Castle Menzies

Weem, Aberfeldy PH15 2JD

Saturday 18th March 2017

9pm to 2am