Castle House Museum, Dunoon: Fri 27th March 2020


Join the team as they investigate the Castle House Museum in Dunoon after dark. This historic building  harbours many ghostly secrets.. 

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Join the team as they investigate the Castle House Museum in Dunoon after dark. This historic building harbours many ghostly secrets.

Castle House Museum History

Castle House MuseumIn 1820 Lord Provost Ewing of Glasgow bought the land around the ruined Dunoon castle and built his holiday home there. Castle House was (and is) a grand building, exuding the opulence of wealth and status. Later, this former holiday retreat became home to Dunoon’s public library for many years and now hosts Castle House Museum as well as a Ceremonies Suite, where weddings can take place.

Dunoon Massacre

The Dunoon massacre was a massacre that took place around Dunoon on the Cowal Peninsula, Scotland, on June 3, 1646. Men of the powerful Clan Campbell massacred men, women and children of the Clan Lamont.

By 1646, the Clan Campbell, neighbours of the Clan Lamont, had steadily encroached the Lamont’s lands. After the 1645 Battle of Inverlochy near Fort William, the Clan Lamont took the opportunity to lay waste to the Campbell’s territory. The following year, the powerful Clan Campbell army invaded the Clan Lamont lands, taking their castles of Toward on Cowal and Ascog west of Tighnabruaich. At Castle Toward the Campbells asked for hospitality, which was given, according to custom, and then slaughtered the Lamonts in their beds finally throwing bodies down the well to poison the water should they have missed anyone. Sir James Lamont surrendered after accepting fair terms for his people, but the Campbells then slaughtered over two hundred of Lamont’s men, women and children. In the Kirkyard next to what is now the Castle House Museum , one tree was said to have carried thirty five bodies from its branches, and another thirty six men were buried alive. The two Lamont castles were set alight and razed. Sir James Lamont was thrown into a dungeon for five years. This event became known as the Dunoon massacre.

Ghost Hunting at Castle House Museum

With such blood soaked land in the surrounding area it is perhaps no surprise that there are ghostly goings on at the museum. The museum is also full of artefacts which have their own tales to tell. We will be investigating the museum after dark and will have access to the very spooky attic. Even the staff don’t like going there on their own…. So lets go find out what goes bump in the night at the Castle House Museum.

Friday 27th March 2020

9pm to 2am

(Over 18s only, very limited access to wheelchairs and a steep staircase to the attic)

NB: The quickest way to travel to Dunoon is via ferry from Gourock or it is a lengthy drive. Therefore please consider your travel when booking as you may require accommodation as the ferry does not run in the early hours.

Castle Gardens, Argyll Street, Dunoon PA23 7HH

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