Join UK Ghost Nights for a fantastic evening of extreme Ghost Hunting....

Newsham Park Asylum

This abandoned old Victorian lunatic asylum and former childrens orphanage is situated in the heart of Liverpool’s Newsham Park.

Long eerie dark corridors in a state of decay are said to be haunted by many spirits from the past. Reported sightings of ghosts include that of a small child on the top floor 'naughty boys corridor' and shadowy figures on Ward G. Other visitors of the basements have reported an uneasy feeling and have heard dragging noises  from the Dining Room while nobody is there.  Footsteps, ghostly figures, screams and poltergeist activity have also been witnessed.

This is a truly terrifying location to Ghost Hunt and definitely not for the faint hearted…

Dare you join UK Ghost Nights as we explore this very spooky location with our mediums and expert investigators? Will you be brave enough to do a lone vigil in the morgue? Only the dead will test your nerves on this one.

Tickets will sell fast for this highly sought after location.