Lowther Castle 17/9/16

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Lowther Castle 17/9/16

Lowther Castle 17/9/16

Wow, Wow, Wow!! This place is like something from a movie set and the Harvest Moon with a clear sky took my breath away.

The night became exciting from the moment that we arrived, however my heart started racing when a guest arrived who announced she had been born there! We also had guests who had played there in childhood and seen things they could not explain. Suddenly the night became personal!

The lovely Sheila Walsh conducted a tour of the castle and ruins with medium Louise and brought to life the stories of the location. I introduced the new ghost hunters to our kit with the oversight of a bat who was lodging in the base room.

My vigil area was the ruins and the main entrance to the gallery. It was a slow night with initial hits on the mag lights in the ruins and the sighting of shadow figures and folk being touched in later vigils. The entrance hall was interesting with the sound of voices and sounds we could not explain. In the last two vigils we conducted experiments in transfiguration and had some interesting results with figures overlaying their energies and looking round the room despite the subject of this having their eyes closed.

Overall my vigil area was quiet but the beauty of the night was overwhelming with clear skies, a harvest moon, shooting stars and mist rolling in over the lawn. Hollywood would pay a lot for such a landscape!!

Thank you to everyone and I think the breathtaking landscape won the show on this night