Lapwing Lodge 23/7/16

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Lapwing Lodge 23/7/16

Lapwing Lodge 23/7/16

Well what a fantastic weekend at Lapwing. We arrived early afternoon to prepare for our courses in Tarot, Palmistry and Psychic Development. As we took an initial walk around the place started to come alive with spirits waking up from their slumber. Our development groups picked up on spirits from a previous investigation including the children in the west wing.

Our evening guests arrived loaded with their sleeping bags and as they filled the Lodge the energy started to rise. We all ate together and the buzz was fantastic before Matt Brooks took guests round for a medium tour and I initiated the new ghost hunters by way of a ghost hunt workshop.

Our first vigil was with everyone on the camping field and the activity really started to hot up. With druid like figures being seen, people being touched, sounds of an animal like growl and strange lights. Guests were also pushed and pulled and the REM pod had some hits.

Myself and Louise set up our vigil area in the upstairs dorms in the west wing and the main corridor. The main corridor produced some interesting results with the spirit of a military nurse being detected and we could hear her moving around the corridor and the sound of material rustling. However the upstairs dorms were fascinating!!!

All groups had the sounds of footsteps running up and down the stairs to the point where Kaitlin’s group below us were convinced it was us! We rapped on the walls in rhythm and on one occasion spirit completed the pattern completely in time which was amazing. Spirit seemed to like playing with the torches and one guest in particular seemed to attract this with it only happening when she was holding the torch. We tried to replicate this but it would only communicate with her. FB_IMG_1469444939077

We conducted the copper wire experiment whereby we stood in a circle with the wire resting on the backs of hands. This produced some great results with the wire almost trying to form a figure of 8 with one group before jumping off the hands.

In the last vigil I took part of the group into the neighbouring dormitory where the spirit of Mary was picked up. One guest volunteered to try some transfiguration and immediately Mary stepped forward to overlay her energies with quite striking change in appearance for the guest. Mary however was very strong and we asked her to step back so that our medium could later return and communicate with her. There was a significant temperature change in the area of Mary and our guest was left shivering after this encounter. It turned out in the debrief that Mary had been picked up by another group too.

At 3am we had a debrief and some of us retired to bed whilst others continued through the night. After a breakfast of croissants and Danish pastries we bid farewell to our guests and Lapwing Lodge.

It was a fantastic event and I can’t wait to return in November to communicate with some brilliant spirits. Thank you to all our guests