High Head Castle, Cumbria

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High Head Castle, Cumbria

High Head Castle 2nd July 2016

What a great weekend with some great people! The crew arrived on site at 6pm and had a very warm reception by the owner’s son. We were led to the walled garden to set up camp. Before our guests arrived our drone pilot Phil did an amazing fly over of the castle as the sun was coming down. Guests started to arrive from 8pm of which half had decided to camp overnight. The weather was the main worry at this point as it had been on and off showers all day. However we were able to go for a walk around the location with the lovely Sheila Walsh giving some background history and context. An additional factor which was very exciting was that we had a group of whom several had actually lived in the cottage on site! One lady had actually been born at High Head. So a big trip down memory lane of the playgrounds of youth…

We did a quick workshop to introduce our equipment as it started to rain and we huddled under the gazebo for shelter ( putting it up was pure comedy!) We then took everyone for a vigil in the cellars. We were not disappointed within minutes of conducting a grounding the mag lites started to come to life. Guests had experiences of being touched and shadow figures were seen. The temperature dropped to absolutely freezing as a lady spirit came toward the group.

After a quick break we split into 2 groups. I took the first group to the back of the main house and we conducted an experiment with copper wire resting on everyone’s hands in a circle. This produced very interesting results with the wire twisting, pulsing and bowing. At one point it was like someone was physically trying to walk into the circle and we even had the wire jump out of everyone’s hands. As one lady Karen kept being pushed we tried a human pendulum with her however there was very little movement. It was at this point that we noticed that her face was changing and the lady spirit whom we identified as Belle came forward. We had a fantastic experience where she overlaid her energy on Karen and we could see a beautiful young woman with high cheek bones and a wide mouth. Karen had her eyes closed and was still but we could see Belle responding to our questions and smiling and looking around the group.

After a hot dog break I returned to the same area with the second group and we once again conducted the experiment with the wire. Different energies were present and Bob seemed to have a lot of activity around him with the wire constantly moving off his hands or raising up. A much quieter vigil on this occasion.

After a tea break I took all guests for a final vigil in the cellars. We decided to test out new action cam out and had 2 volunteers to sit in one of the rooms whilst we monitored them with the wrist watch display. This proved to be frustrating as every time we started to see strange movement on the screen the feed would die. On one occasion we saw what looked like a face over the gentleman’s shoulder and he was feeling quite hot on that side. We swapped the folks in the room for 2 more but things seemed to have settled down. We then conducted a circle with the whole group in the lower part of the cellars and had a shadow figure moving around in the far exit of the cellar. The figure appeared to be coming toward us and was seen by many. We then used the laser grid and had some interesting shadow movements. We then called it a night and guests were free to roam or retire for the night

I have to say this was one of my favourite ghost hunts this year and all our guests were fantastic. Despite being new ghost hunters they put their all into it and were a lovely bunch of people whom I would love to spend more time with as they were so open to spirit.

I am looking forward to the drone footage and our next visit here. Thanks to all our guests, crew and the Terry family for allowing access.


P.S.: Oh I nearly forgot…. when I went toward the cellars to call Sheila’s group I heard a male voice clear as anything say Aye Aye. I even went looking for who it was! Seems that is a Cumbrian greeting that farmers use!