High Head Castle 16/9/16

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High Head Castle 16/9/16

High Head Castle 16/9/16

What a fantastic night under a harvest moon as previously shown in our Phils pics. This was our second event here and the third only investigation of this exclusive location. This is a ghost hunt for the hardy few as it is totally exposed to the elements, however we had a mix of new and experienced ghost hunters who embraced the night like vlad the impaler. The hardy few even camped out with the crew!!
We were blessed with the most stunning night sky and a harvest moon with shooting stars which threatened to steal the night…. I was hosting but had the pleasure of watching my fabulous team in action through the night. Our Sheila was based at the rear lawn of the castle and introduced folks to dowsing rods and board work with some interesting results. Louise conducted some interesting experiments in the walled garden using a copper contraption that Frankenstein would have been proud of. I got involved in one of the vigils and it was really interesting with the copper acting as a conductor for energy and the activity hotting up around us with shadow figures, sounds of voices and even thunderous horses hooves.
I also spent time with Michelle and Colin who were conducting EVP sessions in the cellars where the theme of the night was ‘get out’
High head is a great location and it would appear that most folk had some experience of the unexplained.
However have to say that the sudden deflation of my air bed at 4am was down to operator error and sent the whole campsite into fits of laughter…. This was then followed by the desperate creaking of the foot pump as Ed came to my rescue. It was very carry on camping!
I did however have a weird experience in the early hours whereby I woke up to sense something strange and what appeared to be a finger poking my head through the tent wall. Paranormal or more carry on camping??

Overall I have to say though that we had a great night and the site of High Head in the morning sun was breathtaking as you can see from the pictures. The good news is that we will be back here next year and I highly recommend it!


PS: Did I say we have hot dogs too!! oh and I found the words Get Out written on my car window. I am hoping it was a prank but no one has owned up yet!