Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked most frequently. If you have a question that isn't shown below we're always happy to answer it. You can contact us using the form on our contact page.

What happens on a ghost hunt event?

Each event is different depending on the location and attendees however the key things you can expect are:

Upon arrival guests will be met by a UK Ghost Nights team member and shown to the base room. Once all guests have arrived there will be a short talk introducing the UK Ghost Nights team, general health and safety information and details of how the evening will be structured.

Om our larger events new ghost hunters will take part in a workshop and all guests will receive a tour of the location.

Guests will be split into smaller groups to carry out vigils throughout the venue. These vigils may include séances, table tipping and occasionally a spirit board will be used. You will also put to use our technical equipment ranging from basic K2 meters through to thermal imaging. Please note each event will differ in what technical equipment is available. Whilst we endeavour to have a medium on our events this is not always possible. 

What equipment should I bring?

During the event the lights will be off so it is important that you bring a torch. Video and stills cameras are also welcome, as well as any other equipment you feel may aid your investigations.

Are refreshments provided?

Throughout the night there will be scheduled breaks for drinks and snacks. This generally consists of tea, coffee and biscuits unless otherwise stated.

Can I stay with my party members?

We will always try to keep guests that have booked together in the same groups. Let us know on arrival if you are with others on  a separate booking.

Are there any special clothing requirements?

It is advisable to wear warm clothing on most our events as venues can get cold at night, especially during the winter, and some may involve outside vigils. Some venues are in damp caves, dusty rooms or outside, so it is also advisable to wear clothing you don't mind getting dirty. However if we have a venue that can be particularly hot we will alert you to this! Please also ensure you wear sensible and comfortable footwear, appropriate to climbing stairs, outside vigils, etc.

Will someone be available to answer my questions?

The UK Ghost Nights team will available throughout the event to answer any questions you may have and to help you get the most out of your paranormal ghost hunt.

Is accommodation and travel included in the price?

No, accommodation is not included in the price unless it is specified. You are responsible for your own accommodation and travel

Where can I read your terms and conditions?

You can read the full terms and conditions, that apply to all of our events, here.

I paid a deposit, when and how do I pay the balance?

All balances are due a month before the event. Invoices are sent to the email address on the booking. If not paid on time you risk losing your booking as our events are in high demand. SO make sure you contact us if there is a problem with payment.

Do I get actual tickets?

We do not issue physical tickets as we operate a guest list system. All you need is your name on the booking and the 5 digit reference number given on your initial booking.

I can no longer attend or have changed my mind. Do I get a refund

All bookings are non refundable unless we cancel the event. It is your responsibility to ensure you can attend at the point of booking.