The history of Appleby Castle reaches back to Roman times when a fort existed on the site to protect the crossing over the River Eden. In the 1960’s excavation revealed the remains of a Roman Well in the basement of the castle.


The Keep is the oldest building still in existence today and little has changed in over 900 years. It is one of the few remaining intact Norman Keeps in Great Britain.

This castle has a rich and varied history. It has been held by the Kings of Scotland and England. Perhaps its most famous resident was Lady Anne Clifford who did much for the castle

What secrets will we uncover at this brand new location exclusive to UK Ghost Nights?  Parts of the castle are over 900 years old and there are definitely spirits that walk the floors at night.

Our team spent a very spooky Old Great Hallnight there and came in to contact with some very interesting spirits.  Lady Anne Clifford was very interested in the spirit world and said to still be in residence, will we make contact with her? Are you brave enough to join us as we explore by torchlight?

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Appleby CastleAppleby Castle