UK Ghost Nights mediums represent some of the best in the business. With decades of combined experience between them they bring added value to our events. Our mediums not only help us find the spirits on events but they will look after everyone’s wellbeing on an event. Our spiritual first aiders!

Thomas Sutherland

Spiritual Medium

Tom is a recent and very welcome addition to the UK Ghost Nights Team. He is an extremely talented medium and a Reiki Master.

UK Ghost Nights Medium
Kirsty Ryan


Kirsty is a fantastic medium who really takes care of the spiritual welfare of guests and crew. He expertise as a usai and reki master makes her invaluable. She is a certified hypnotherapist and works with energy to promote health and wellbeing. If that wasn't impressive enough she is also a cognitive behavioural therapist and life coach! Kirsty is one of our Scottish Ghost Nights crew

UK Ghost nights mediums
David McCabe

Medium and Scottish event co-ordinator

David is  a valued member of the team bringing a wealth of experience and insight into our Scottish events. David really makes us laugh when we need it and is a valuable asset to the Scottish crew!