Join the UK Ghost Nights Crew at Abbey House Museum  Leeds next to historic Kirkstall Abbey. A beautiful location by day that takes on a more sinister edge with the lights out…

Haunted History of Abbey House Museum Leeds

Although substantially altered over the years, Abbey House Museum Leeds was originally constructed in the 12th Century to serve as a gatehouse for Kirkstall Abbey, the picturesque ruins of which stand nearby. When Abbey House was opened as a museum in 1927, it employed a live-in caretaker called Kate Hatfield and during the winter of 1929/30 she was regularly disturbed by the sound of a door on the first-floor opening and closing, followed by the swish of a cloak along the corridor.

Abbey House Museum

The phenomena occurred regularly between midnight and 2am, even when the door was bolted shut. Then in 1944, Mrs. Hatfield’s niece and three of her friends reported seeing “a monk in a rough brown habit… (who) seemed to be very frightened”. The ghost was subsequently associated with John Ripley, the last Abbot of Kirkstall, who moved into Abbey House following the Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1539 and was later buried in its precincts.

Recent Spooky Goings On at Abbey House Museum Leeds

A previous investigation by our team of Abbey House museum revealed some intriguing paranormal activity. With a rocking horse moving on it’s own, ghostly shadows, people being touched and unexplained temperature changes Abbey House Museum takes on a very different identity under the cloak of darkness

Join our crew as we investigate the spooky claims of Abbey House Museum… Your night includes a medium tour, ghost hunt workshop and vigils with our expert paranormal investigators.