Abbey House Museum Ghosts, Leeds

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Abbey House Museum Ghosts.

it was quite a night with activity as we hunted for the Abbey House museum Ghosts. In several areas, cold spots and one guest pushed into the circle. A monk was spotted – a figure that has been seen before – and a nun. In the first vigil in the hardware shop Jackie made contact with a spirit called Joseph Byrnes, an Irish coal man, who delivered to the house in the 19th century. He was very strong and, with Lisa’s input, he communicated by using a K2 by the door for a positive response and a second on the counter for a negative. One lady had her hair stroked, and during the final vigil when he returned another lady reported the same sensation in the same place in the shop. Joseph also made some responses by knocking. When we moved out into the street, Lisa saw movement in the base room, but on checking, there was no one in there. By comparison the second vigil was very quiet, despite relocating. The final vigil saw some further contact with Joseph and then we moved into the sweet shop. At first, contact was made with a very small child called Rebecca and several people could feel a cold area in front of the counter. She was able to turn on the maglight, the only time it happened all night in that area. She was replaced by another lady who said she was a nun. The area behind the counter kept going very dark and she was able to use the K2. We had a very strong full response when she was asked if she liked the was the ground floor was displayed. Her reply was an emphatic negative. It was a really great night and I can’t wait to go back and investigate further.