Appleby Castle 16/7/16

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Appleby Castle 16/7/16

Appleby Castle 16/7/16

Just arriving at Appleby Castle is an experience, as you come through the castle gates you can see the Norman Keep peeping over the walls of the inner Bailey and the magnificent 12th century round tower complimenting it. This night was particularly nice as we were blessed with a gorgeous still night. We started our introductions as the sun started to set and we toured the castle with medium Matt Brooks. We had a large group vigil in the medieval kitchen and a child called Charlotte came through. Two guests came up with this name which was very interesting as she has made herself known on a previous investigation.
My main vigil area was the dungeon and we had some great activity. We had shadow figures which at one point seemed to be coming down the steps in an endless procession. We got the feeling that we were a bit crowded down there and a bit of a novelty for the castle spirits. They soon mastered how to switch our mag lights on and off on command to verify they were with us. We heard footsteps and a very loud sigh. There were some strange temperature fluctuations with a guest in each vigil reporting to have one side of their face very hot, they had both been stood in the same place. We conducted an experiment using copper wire as a large dowsing rod with it resting on the back of the hands of all guests. The results were quite startling with it twisting, twitching and pulsing. In one group the wire pushed into the circle and arked as if someone had pushed their way in. The wire also jumped off the hands in the circle.

A comedy moment we had was in a break when one of our experienced ghost hunters went for a peek in the keep. He got more than he bargained for with the sound of footsteps and was seen running like the clappers across the lawn 😂😂😂

We finished the night with a seance in the old great hall. Matt brought through several spirits and will go into more detail on his write up. We had an interesting loud double tap noise which came from the benches we were sitting on. Guests around it felt the vibration too. A point to note too is that we set up our DVR system at the start of the night and from the first vigil it just stopped working. We could not get it to connect whatsoever and its working just fine again now!

All in all it was a fantastic night with some lovely guests, we stayed behind a while and left as the sun came up. I can’t wait to go back into the dungeon. I get the feeling this location is just hotting up as the spirits learn how to communicate with us. If you haven’t been here make sure you book for 22nd October



The fantastic Appleby Castle, of which I will never be bored of, wonderful energies that night from spirits and guests.
Before the event started I encountered Lady Anne Clifford once again, oddly dressed in white (she usually wears black or green when I’ve seen her in the past.) she’s a well know lady in history and spiritualist. She was in white to support the castle’s new growth.
There was a steward boy named Edward here too who had been shot through the heart with an arrow in the 1600’s. Skinny as a stick with short blonde hair.
There was a man seen in a black and white suit out side of the great hall in the court yard, from the roaring 20’s overseeing parties on his yard.
The outside of the keep stood a Roman soldier, Lady Clifford always insisted Roman’s held this area as a fort. A wall under the ground also suggests.
In the 3rd floor of the keep from the outside, I could sense a worried man imprisoned who had been an opposer of Charles II who was on the throne and said the wrong things to the wrong people.
On the outside walls of the castle, one man seemed to be hurrying about and panicking, wanting to cross the moat even though there was no water in it. I later determined the man was either drunk or on opium and tripped, dying in shallow moat.
Further around there were tradesmen bringing supplies from the river and we got reactions from them on the K2 meters.
In the mirrored corridor I sensed a reverend or bishop imprisoned in the dungeon below the castle. He had challenged Henry VIII and sadly he was locked and killed by the king’s sympathizers.
Lastly, we worked vigils in the round tower. My first group got a lot the names of Sarah, Martin, Craig and MY NAME :O on the spirit box, sarah was on the stairs and was a waiting lady, we also had monks effecting both catholic women we sat on the stairs. The 2nd group had a great spirit board session, speaking to a nice young girl called Penelope who was downs syndrome and knew of Peter the groundskeeper!

Once again thanks to Sally and Peter for having us, and all the good things shall come to those who wait!